Waste water treatment

Reuse of treated waste water

Achieve savings by reusing wastewater. We offer wastewater treatment technologies for municipal and industrial waste water.

Municipal waste water

Biodegradable water includes municipal wastewater and other biodegradable wastewater (landfill leachate).

Municipal waste water is considered as readily biodegradable. In the absence of specific drainage requirements, conventional treatment plants with different technologies are used. Recently, they have been upgraded with the phosphorus removal process.

In case of special requirements, a membrane bioreactor (MBR) is used. With MBR technology, UF membranes are installed instead of the secondary bioreactor to separate activated sludge and treated effluents.

Advantages of using the MBR technology

  • the water is completely clear and free of microorganisms
  • the concentration of activated sludge is higher,so the volumes of the bioreactor are smaller

Industrial waste water

The industrial wastewater is most often laden with chemical parameters (pH, COD – chemical oxygen demand, heavy metals); therefore, it needs to be properly treated to lower the critical values of parameters in water that are specific to each industry. Waste water values need to be reduced to legally prescribed concentrations.

For the treatment of industrial wastewater, we use physicochemical methods such as:

  • aeration and flotation
  • coagulation and flocculation
  • coarse filtration
  • neutralization
  • ozonation
  • AOP
  • filtration
  • deoiling

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