We provide the best water

We ensure a reliable, safe and optimal water supply

With modern procedures and approaches, we plan, design and implement the complete technological systems for water treatment and purification and advanced solutions for controlling and optimizing the functioning of water supply systems.

The common denominator of all areas of our operations is our focus on enhancing efficiency and reliability and achieving cost-effective optimization of operation, management and maintenance.


Our competencies

30 years of experience

A top professional team focused on increasing the efficiency and reliability and achieving cost-effective optimization of the operation, management and maintenance of water supply systems. 


We provide state-of-the-art technical support and consulting, as well as servicing and maintenance of devices and systems. We work with leading global companies in the field of water technologies, which enables us to access the latest technologies and solutions, as well as a wide range of reliable, efficient and safe products. 

Comprehensive offer

Comprehensive technological engineering services in the field of water treatment and water supply.


We create sucess stories

We implement modern technologies for drinking water purification, process water treatment and wastewater treatment; we establish systems for detecting and reducing water losses and optimizing the operation of water supply and sewerage networks; we set up telemetry and remote water consumption reading systems; we offer quality technological equipment for water supply systems.

Our case studies

We work with the leading global manufacturers

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